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NYCT Equal Employment Opportunity & Diversity

We strive to make respect, fairness, inclusion and equality of opportunity a reality in the work life of every New York City Transit employee.

Our values: We Move to Include

Our mission

To promote fairness, inclusion, and equality in the administration of NYCT's employment practices, and to ensure compliance with the laws, regulations, and policies that prohibit unlawful employment discrimination in the workplace.

Our vision

An inclusive work environment that embraces and fosters innovation, acknowledges all unique human characteristics, and provides tools for empowerment, increased opportunity, and unity among employees and the customers we serve.


A man wearing a hard hat, gloves, an orange vest, and safety goggles works on metal infrastructure in the transit system.
Construction work on the Greenpoint tubes in 2013.
Two MTA employees, one in a short-sleeved collared shirt and the other in an orange construction vest and a hard hat, talk on a subway platform. A train is visible behind them.
A signal maintainer, right, at Newkirk Plaza in 2019.

Our benefits

Transit Employee Groups

An essential element of our diversity and inclusion program includes Transit Employee Groups. These groups help foster a diverse and inclusive workplace aligned with our mission, values and goals.

Transit Employee Groups are open to all employees, offer executive level sponsorship, and support the development of the Transit Diversity Advisory Council. The council advises New York City Transit management on diversity and inclusion-related matters, and champions the agency’s Employer of Choice objectives.

Our Transit Employee Groups

  • ALL Generational
  • BEGIN (Black Employees Group for Inclusion & Networking)
  • Abilities TEG
  • Empowering Women in Transit
  • Latinos & Friends
  • Multi-Cultural
  • Pride Express
  • TransportAsian
  • Veterans TEG

Training and development for employees

We offer workshops on inclusive behavior, diversity management, cultural competence, and serving customers with limited English proficiency.

Workshop topics include

  • Creating a respectful and inclusive workplace
  • Interacting with customers with limited English proficiency
  • Managerial and supervisor-level training for leading diversity efforts
  • Maintaining culture and managing upward, for apprentices and early-career employees

Health care, college savings, and more

We want to help you take care of yourself and your loved ones. Here are some of the benefits we offer to employees and their dependents.

Health care and education benefits

  • Comprehensive health insurance for you and your dependents, including competitive dental and vision plans
  • Health care contribution, toward your future retirement health care
  • Flexible spending account options for health care and dependent day care
  • Pre-tax benefits for commuting and parking expenses
  • An option to contribute to an investment account for higher-education costs
A woman in sunglasses takes a photo of herself and five other people in a boat on the water. Everyone is smiling, and one man is wearing a T-shirt that says Veterans Transit Employee Group.
A Veterans Transit Employee Group activity.
A big group of people, many wearing rainbow colors and carrying rainbow flags, smiles at the camera at a Pride Parade.
The Pride Express Transit Employee Group at a Pride Parade.

Investing in the next generation of transit leaders

We are committed to the people who will power New York’s transit system for years to come. In addition to cultivating meaningful connections with area high schools, we also strive to give employees early in their career the support they need to succeed with us.

Our training and apprenticeship programs

  • Ongoing relationships with Transit Tech High School and Thomas A. Edison Career and Technical Education High School
  • Apprenticeships
  • Early-career support
A young man with his hair in twists smiles at the camera, with a subway train car visible behind him.
Tyrese Samuels, a student at Transit Tech High School
A young man wearing a Transit Tech shirt looks at the camera. Industrial equipment is visible behind him.
Kevin Rozanski, a student at Transit Tech High School
A young woman with her hair pulled back smiles at the camera, with a subway train car visible in the background.
Kimberly Balgobin, a student at Transit Tech High School
Young women sitting at desks look over pamphlets with text and photos of wrenches on them.
MTA visited Thomas Edison High School’s Career Day in 2019.
Students in blue and white graduation caps and gowns stand and sit in an auditorium. Many of them are smiling.
Transit Tech High School graduation in 2017.

What our department does

Diversity and inclusion

We are committed to promoting and maintaining a diverse and inclusive workforce that represents the communities and customers we serve. The Diversity and Inclusion unit is responsible for integration of diversity and inclusion as a core value into new and existing Transit programs, practices, and services.

The Department of Equal Employment Opportunity and Diversity is committed to cultivating an inclusive work environment that embraces and fosters innovation, acknowledges all unique human characteristics, and provides tools for empowerment, increased opportunity, and unity among employees and the customers we serve.

We lead implementation of diversity and inclusion strategies to support:

  1. agency compliance for EEO, Title VI, and related laws,
  2. our vision to become an Employer of Choice, and
  3. our aspiration to be recognized as the D&I leader and service provider in mass transportation.
A man smiles as he speaks to a group of people at a conference room table. A presentation slide is visible on a projection screen. It reads "Inclusion: Just do it!" and "Transit Diversity Advisory Council orientation."
Michael Collins, standing, speaks during a Transit Diversity Advisory Council orientation in 2019.

History of our department

The New York City Transit Authority was created in March 1953. In 1954, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in its decision in Brown v. Board of Education the school segregation was unconstitutional.

In the early 1970s, President Richard Nixon issued numerous Executive Orders authorizing hiring goals and timetables to address the underutilization of people of color and women.

Much of the legal framework that officially banned discrimination in the workplace in this country was being implemented during the first two decades of NYCT’s operations.

The first department dedicated to equal opportunity began under John D. Simpson, who served first at MTA executive director in 1979 and NYCT president in 1981.

In January 2006, President Lawrence Reuter created the Office of Equal Employment Opportunity. The department was charged with ensuring NYCT’s compliance with federal, state, and organizational equal opportunity mandates.

In December 2016, the Office of Equal Employment Opportunity was renamed the Department of Equal Employment Opportunity & Diversity. We wanted to reinforce that diversity is a core value. The department plays a leading role in our diversity and inclusion efforts.

A white logo with white and yellow text on a blue background. The text says, "New York City Transit Equal Employment Opportunity & Diversity. We move to include."

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