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MTA Advertising and Partnerships

Create Unique Branded Experiences

Not only does the MTA deliver millions of customers to businesses, we also help businesses and brands tell their stories, earn media attention, and create unique experiences.  Whether you want to introduce a new product, entertain riders, brand a station, do a photoshoot or fashion show, film a movie, or something completely new and different, we’re here to help make it happen.

See our full advertising policy.

Bring your brand or project to more than 5 million daily riders in the iconic New York City subway, Grand Central Terminal, Penn Station, Long Island Rail Road, Metro-North, or our bridges or tunnels.

From activations and station takeovers to MTA Away co-branded promotions, from our filming and special events division to product licensing and custom MetroCards, we offer a wide and exciting array of brand-building opportunities across North America’s largest transportation network.

For performances, special events, and activations, fill out our application.

You can also contact Lucy Zachman for all inquiries. 
Lucy Zachman
SVP, MTA Advertising & Promotions
(212) 878-7276

To buy advertising

From wrapped train cars to subway station dominations, from a fleet of city buses acting as your “rolling billboards” to thousands of live digital screens, your message can be seen by millions of people every day.  

A subway train car wrapped with the NY Times Games ad
A wrapped train car


All advertising sales are managed by OUTFRONT MEDIA.  

To inquire about advertising in our system, please contact Justin Getz at OUTFRONT.

Justin Getz
(212) 297-6592

MTA Away Co-Branded Promotions

Want to bring riders to your business or event?  MTA Away presents subway, bus and commuter railroad riders with money-saving deals and fun destinations.  

When you advertise with MTA Away, you’ll get a dynamic and cost-effective way to attract riders to your business. Our three-tiered offering includes:  

  • Turnkey out-of-home and online media advertising 
  • Robust MTA Away promotional efforts 
  • Inspiring editorial, unmatched by other transit systems  

Whether it’s a new museum exhibit, sporting events, or Broadway show we can amplify your brand’s message in a targeted and affordable program. 

Our vast network of digital screens includes:

  • NYC’s subway stations, platforms, train cars, and buses
  • Long Island Rail Road and Metro-North Railroad stations, platforms, and trains cars (coverage throughout Westchester, southern Connecticut, and Long Island), as well as Grand Central Terminal and Penn Station 

Our screens are in some of NYC’s most iconic and high-traffic locations: Grand Central Terminal, Penn Station, Grand Central-42nd Street, 14th Street in Chelsea, 72nd Street on the Upper West Side, 161 St-Yankee Stadium in the Bronx, and Jay Street-Metrotech in Downtown Brooklyn.  

The program employs easy-to-use advertising templates, deal and travel inspiration content on MTAaway.com and amplification via @MTAaway social handles.  All of this provides MTA Away partners with immediate and effective reach at a reasonable cost.  The templates use QR codes to reinforce your messaging and offers on MTAaway.com, where visitors will learn more about your offer and how to take advantage of it.

To learn more about MTA Away, see our media kit for information or contact our team:

Mark Heavey 
Director, Business Development 
(212) 878-7132 

Branded MetroCards (and More)

Bring your brand's message into riders' hands with custom MetroCards. For even more impact, create an environment in stations with advertising in unique station settings. 

Learn about advertising on MetroCards.


Lucy Zachman
SVP, MTA Advertising & Promotions
(212) 878-7276