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Taking public transit to New York-area airports

JFK, LaGuardia, and Newark airports are accessible via public transit. Here are some options for how to get there.

General tips

  • Buy tickets or add value to your MetroCard before you travel, to avoid long lines at the airport and other potentially crowded areas.
  • Consider the luggage you’re taking with you. You're likely to encounter crowded vehicles and stairs on your way.
  • Be aware of crowding during rush hour. If you can, consider booking your flight at a time that wouldn't necessitate rush-hour travel.
  • Taxi fare to JFK from Manhattan is at least $52. Taxis to LaGuardia use the standard metered fare. Here are all the details.

Helpful phone apps

  • MYmta, for transit directions, maps, real-time service updates, and more (iPhone, Android)
  • MTA eTix, for buying and managing tickets for the Long Island Rail Road and Metro-North Railroad (iPhone, Android)