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Upcoming Transactions

Updated Apr 3, 2024

Note: Our investor terms of use apply.

Upcoming transaction listings are preliminary and subject to change.

Upcoming Transactions

  1. During the week of May 6, 2024, there will be an approximately $950 million pricing for TBTA Payroll Mobility Tax Senior Lien Green Bonds, Series 2024B.  The bonds will retire outstanding TBTA PMT Bond Anticipation Notes, Series 2022A.  BoA Securities Inc. will be the book-running senior manager.  A Preliminary Official Statement will be available in early May.
  2. During the week of May 13, 2024, there will be a competitive pricing of approximately $600 million TBTA Payroll Mobility Tax Bond Anticipation Notes, Series 2024C, which will provide new money proceeds for approved capital projects.  A Preliminary Offering Memorandum will be available in early May.

Note about disclosure documents

A posted preliminary disclosure document for a bond or note transaction will be replaced with the final disclosure document once the bonds or notes are sold. The final disclosure document will contain updates to the preliminary disclosure document, including applicable pricing information. Final disclosure documents can be found below under the heading “Official Statements and Remarketing Circulars,” as well as on EMMA for the specific CUSIP.