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Michael J. Garner

Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer
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Michael J. Garner has served as Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer at the MTA since 2009. Under his leadership, the MTA has created the country’s leading MWDBE Business Development Program, based on dollars paid, as well as the MTA’s Construction Small Business Mentoring Program, which has awarded 455 contracts totaling $490 million to small businesses regionwide. Also serving as MTA Chief Equal Opportunity Officer, responsible for EEO and Title VI programs, Garner has increased the hiring of women and ethnic minorities within the MTA’s 70,000-strong workforce by 20 percent.

Prior to joining the MTA, Garner headed MWBE programs at the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) and the NYC School Construction Authority (SCA). Collectively, his teams at NYCHA, SCA, and the MTA have been responsible for more than $12 billion being paid to NYC/NYS-certified MWBEs.

Garner is an active member of the Canaan Baptist Church in Harlem; a frequent speaker nationally on MWDBE programs; and an advisor on MWDBE issues to the City of Buffalo, the City of Chicago, the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA), the State of New Jersey, and other civic entities.