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ICYMI: Canada Brings The Northern Lights to New York City

Metro-North Railroad
Updated December 9, 2021 4:00 p.m.
Courtesy of Travel Alberta
Courtesy of Travel AlbertaCourtesy of Travel Alberta

"Into the Northern Lights: An Immersive Experience” Presented by Canada, the Home of Winter, Is Coming to Vanderbilt Hall at Grand Central Terminal from December 9-11, 2021


Editor's Note: The MTA offers the following comment to supplement the press release below. “We saw 85% of pre-pandemic ridership last Saturday which shows that the energy, enthusiasm and vitality of New York City is back and we are thrilled to welcome everyone,” said Metro-North Railroad President Catherine Rinaldi.  “This majestic multimedia display fits perfectly in the most beautiful train terminal in the world."

Canada is one of the best places on the planet for viewing the northern lights. To give New Yorkers a taste of the majestic aurora borealis, Destination Canada is bringing an immersive northern lights experience to one of New York City’s most iconic landmarks, Grand Central Terminal. From December 9 to 11, commuters and visitors who pass through Grand Central’s Vanderbilt Hall will find themselves walking into a Canadian landscape, where they can step inside an interactive northern lights installation presented by Canada, the Home of Winter.

Into the Northern Lights: An Immersive Experience is brought to life in collaboration with world renowned Montréal-based multimedia entertainment studio, Moment Factory. The immersive experience gives visitors the perspective of walking through the northern lights, thanks to a floor-to-ceiling, mirrored light display that incorporates breathtaking audio and interactive visuals to emulate the mesmerizing beauty of the northern lights.

“As a Montréal-based company with a studio in New York, we’re proud to be able to bring a bit of our Canadian culture—and winter magic—to the most iconic transportation hub in the city,” said Jamie Reilly, producer at Moment Factory. “For the first time, New Yorkers will experience what it feels like to walk through the northern lights in their own city.”

“Canada is the home of winter, and we are thrilled to bring one of Canada’s most memorable and iconic travel experiences–the northern lights–to our friends in New York,'' said Gloria Loree, Senior Vice President, Marketing Strategy & Chief Marketing Officer, Destination Canada.

“Whether it’s marveling at the northern lights as they dance across the sky, spending time with family at one of our vibrant winter festivals, or hitting the slopes with friends, it’s these moments together that make winter in Canada nothing short of magical. This installation is designed to give Americans a taste of the beauty, wide open space and adventure that awaits them in Canada, and encourage them to visit this winter.”

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