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If You Try to Evade Tolls, We Will Get You, and You Will Pay: MTA Bridge and Tunnel Officers Stop Top Toll Violators on Consecutive Days

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Updated June 10, 2022 9:00 p.m.
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Two Scofflaws Owed Over $100,000 Combined in Unpaid Tolls and Fees Offenders’ Cars Impounded

Interdictions Follow Recent Announcement of Crackdown on Obstructed License Plates and Enforcement of Tolls with State and Local Law Enforcement Partners

View Photos of Vehicle with 624 Violations Impounded June 8

View Photos of Vehicle with 440 Violations Impounded June 9


The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) today announced that Bridge and Tunnel Officers interdicted two of the agency’s top persistent toll violators on consecutive days at the Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge. 

On Wednesday, June 8, Bridge and Tunnel officers stopped a motorist who owed nearly $69,000 in unpaid tolls and fees. The motorist, who has accumulated 624 violations since 2020, was stopped for a suspended registration and issued the appropriate summonses and will be required to appear in court. 

On Thursday, June 9, Bridge and Tunnel officers interdicted another top toll violator after stopping a vehicle for having a suspended registration. The motorist had accumulated 440 violations since 2017 and owed more than $47,000 in unpaid tolls and fees. Both vehicles have been impounded. 

Bridge and Tunnel officers have recovered 95% of all tolls owed by recidivist toll scofflaws whose New York registrations were suspended, totaling $43 million since toll booths were decommissioned in 2017. 

“This is a testament to the targeted initiative being undertaken to combat toll evasion,” said Daniel F. DeCrescenzo Jr., President of MTA Bridges and Tunnels. “I commend our officers for their vigilance and reinforcing the message that toll evasion will not be tolerated. In partnership with other law enforcement agencies, we will continue our mission to ensure that those who fail to pay their toll bills are held accountable.” 

Bridge and Tunnel officers are equipped with specialized license plate readers that can identify motorists who have repeatedly failed to pay their tolls and who are operating vehicles with a suspended registration. MTA Bridge and Tunnel officers and New York State Police officers have interdicted more than 1,300 vehicles in 2021 for persistent non-payment of tolls. 

The interdictions come just a few weeks after the MTA and law enforcement partners announced a crackdown on obstructed license plates and toll evasion. That coordinated law enforcement effort aims to focus on the evasion of tolls through forged or obstructed license plates and to deter motorists who use similar deceptive tactics to hide more serious crimes. 

In addition to a multi-agency police enforcement against toll evasion, the maximum fine was raised from $200 to $300 in November 2021. Motorists can avoid fees and registration suspensions by paying their toll bills on time and can get toll rates discounted by up to 40% by using E-ZPass. To set up an E-ZPass account, visit E-ZPassny.com.