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MTA Announces First OMNY Card Vending Machines Available for Customers

Updated Oct 30, 2023 1:15 p.m.
OMNY CVMs Activated

Machines Located in The Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan and Queens Allow Customers to Buy and Refill Tappable OMNY Cards

View B-Roll of First Customers Purchasing Tappable OMNY Cards

View Photos of New Yorkers and NYC Transit President Using New Machine

View Video of Today’s News Conference


The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) announces activation of first OMNY card vending machines. Customers can use cash at the vending machines, and credit and debit cards and digital wallets are also accepted for purchases. Tappable OMNY cards provide cash customers a way to take advantage of OMNY’s financial flexibility to pay-as-you-go and never spend more than $34.00 in 7 days.

“Tap-and-go is the future of using our subway and bus system,” said MTA President of Construction & Development Jamie Torres-Springer. “Allowing cash-paying customers to easily get and refill OMNY cards is a great addition.”  

“Installing OMNY vending machines in subway stations makes it easier than ever for transit customers to leave MetroCard in the past and embrace the convenience of tapping, especially those who pay with cash to ride,” said NYC Transit President Richard Davey. “Our station agents are trained and ready to support customers who make the switch to OMNY so they can start tapping.”

“With over a billion taps, OMNY is proving to customers it is the most economical, secure, and hassle-free option to ride,” said MTA Acting Chief Customer Officer Shanifah Rieara. “As we continue to rollout new features to customers, such as the vending machines, more and more New Yorkers and visitors alike can discover the convenience of OMNY firsthand.”

Installation of OMNY vending machines in all 472 subway stations will continue through 2024. The first vending machines are available at the following stations:

  • 86 St and Lexington Ave 
  • Atlantic Ave-Barclays Ctr 
  • Bowling Green 
  • Fordham Rd 
  • Fordham Rd 
  • Junction Blvd 

As a temporary introductory offer new OMNY cards are $1.00, the same price as a new MetroCard. OMNY cards last up to five years, more than three years longer than newly issued MetroCards.

Customers have tapped into the transit system more than a billion times, with the billionth tap occurring on July 26. In the latest Spring 2023 Customers Count Survey, OMNY posted 79% fare payment satisfaction rate. Customers have tapped into all 472 subway stations and boarded 204 local bus routes and 31 express buses. Of the 195 countries that issue bank cards, OMNY has processed a card from every single one of them.  

OMNY market share of full fare subway rides continues to be at 70 percent since the MTA updated its fare-capping schedule on Aug. 20.

OMNY also supports Reduced-Fare customers who are ready to use their smart device, or contactless bank card to tap and go. Reduced-Fare customers are encouraged to seamlessly make the switch from MetroCards online with the OMNY digital assistant, which is available 24/7 at OMNY.info. Customers can watch this how-to video for more information. 

“The installation of OMNY vending machines will make it easier for residents and commuters alike to ride the MTA, particularly unbanked New Yorkers who don’t have a credit card,” said Representative Jerry Nadler. “I applaud the addition of these machines and look forward to OMNY’s continued rollout across NYC.”

“Today's announcement brings us one step closer to ensuring transit equity and modernized user-friendly systems for all throughout New York City,” said Representative Adriano Espaillat. “I commend Janno Lieber and the MTA on today’s announcement to provide OMNY vending machines at subway stations throughout my district, expanding transit access to ensure their daily commutes.”

“Connecting our Bronx communities with cutting-edge technology is the key to a brighter future,” said State Senator Robert Jackson. “The introduction of OMNY vending machines at Fordham Rd stations marks a significant step towards a more accessible and efficient transit system. I commend the MTA for propelling us into a future where technology transforms not only the way my constituents commute but also how we connect with our communities.”

“OMNY is quick, convenient, and a great way to get riders moving quickly to their destination,” said State Senator Jessica Ramos. “I appreciate that these vending machines will allow cash and card-users to start tapping their way through the MTA. Welcome to Junction Boulevard, OMNY.”

“The introduction of the OMNY vending machines in key stations—including the Bowling Green  station is a testament to our commitment to accessibility and convenience for all New Yorkers,” said Assembly Member Charles D. Fall. “It's noteworthy that these machines will cater to every commuter, ensuring that whether you use cash, credit, or debit, everyone has a seamless travel experience. This is a proud moment for our community, and I commend the MTA for championing progress and accessibility.”

“We are all resistant to change, but without a doubt, the OMNY program has been a phenomenal success,” said New York City Council Member Lincoln Restler. “Thanks to the MTA, the George Costanza wallet is a thing of the past, we are all tapping in and out of the subway system in record speed.”

“Implementing OMNY vending machines at our stations is a crucial step in propelling our city towards a faster, more convenient payment method,” said New York City Council Member Julie Menin. “Modernizing New York City's transit system must include access to this efficient 'tap-and-go' payment system for those without smartphones or are unbanked. Thank you to the MTA for their dedication to addressing this technology gap through the expansion of OMNY vending machines.”

“Vending machines that allow people paying with cash to use OMNY now means that everyone can take advantage of OMNY's benefits, such as the $34.00 rolling seven-day fare cap, and the simplicity of tapping your OMNY card at the reader,” said Manhattan Borough President Mark Levine. “If you haven't already, now is the time to trade in your MetroCard for OMNY – it's the future of transportation in New York.”

“OMNY Card vending machines will make our mass transit system more accessible to those who rely on cash instead of bank accounts or credit cards,” said Queens Borough President Donovan Richards Jr. “The activation of the first OMNY Card vending machine in Queens is a major step forward toward making the transit system more convenient. With our roadways being increasing clogged and with carbon emissions continuing to rise, all New Yorkers will benefit when we make it easier and more appealing to use mass transit instead of the car.”