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MTA Away Unveils “Subway Bingo” Game

Updated November 1, 2022 8:00 p.m.
MTA Unveils Subway Bingo

Riders Can Participate Virtually or via Printed Copies Available Free at the New York Transit Museum and Its Shops

View Photo of the Bingo Card Here


MTA Away today launched its “Subway Bingo” game — playable through printed copies available at no charge at the New York Transit Museum and its shops at 2 Broadway and Grand Central Terminal, and digitally via the MTA Away website and QR codes displayed on digital screens throughout the transit system.

Subway Bingo celebrates beloved landmarks and experiences found throughout the subway system, including Poetry in Motion, dogs (in appropriate carriers), station newsstands, and more. The bingo card was created with art by New York City artist Sarah Butler. While the goal is for customers to have fun playing, as a bonus, those who get a bingo will be able to enter a prize drawing.

"Riding the New York City subway is like traveling through time,” said New York City artist Sarah Butler, who created the art for Subway Bingo. “When I pay attention, echoes of the different eras of design and artistic collaboration will open up before me: tilework from 1904, Beaux-Arts arches from 1919, shiny chrome newsstands from the 1950s, globe lights from the 1980s, and soon-to-be retired MetroCard machines from 1999. And all can be observed on the way to my dentist in Midtown, on my daily commute through Brooklyn, or on my way to the Rockaways for tacos and a swim."

Customers can play Subway Bingo by taking the following steps:

• Follow @MTAaway on Instagram
• When riders see an item from the card, take a photograph of it.
• When riders have spotted everything in one row, column, or diagonal, they have a bingo.
• To share the bingo victory and to be entered into a prize drawing, riders must create one Instagram post containing all photos showing their bingo, and tag @MTAaway.
• The bingo sweepstakes runs from Nov. 1 through Nov. 30, but riders can continue to play after the contest concludes.

About MTA Away

MTA Away is designed to inspire customers from every stretch of the MTA’s footprint to explore the city and the region on mass transit. Visit MTAaway.com to find guides, deals, events, destination inspiration and much more, all easily accessible by the subway, city buses, Long Island Rail Road, and Metro-North Railroad.