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MTA Prepares for Forecast of Heavy Rain and Flooding Monday Evening Into Tuesday Afternoon

Updated September 5, 2022 4:00 p.m.

Crews to Clear Drains, Prepare Equipment, and Be Strategically Pre-Positioned to Respond Quickly to Any Instances of Flooding or Other Weather-Related Challenges

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) today announced that it is taking precautions for heavy rain, some thunderstorms, and the risk for flooding beginning Monday evening into Tuesday morning. With heavier rain expected to begin in the Lower Hudson Valley and Connecticut and develop gradually to the south and across New York City and Long Island, the MTA is taking all necessary precautions to protect its transportation network and deliver safe service.

The MTA reminds customers to stay alert for service updates by visiting MTA.info, signing up for custom-tailored service alerts via email or text at MyMTAAlerts.com, or monitoring social media.

Weather preparation activities follow for services that anticipate the possibility of weather-related challenges over the next 24 hours.

New York City Subway

New York City Transit will strategically pre-position weather-response teams, including track and signals specialists, at key locations to be able to respond to any weather-related events that may occur.  Crews will prepare and fuel two trains capable of high-capacity pumping, two trains designed for debris clean-up, and additional emergency trucks and emergency response equipment including track pumps and chain saws.

To reduce the likelihood of flooding and respond to any instances of flooding that do occur, crews will inspect drains in flood-prone areas to ensure they are functional, and supervisors will monitor flood-prone locations for any reports of flooding to ensure quick response. Elevator and escalator specialists will be deployed to flood-prone locations to attend to any weather-related elevator and escalator troubles.

Metro-North Railroad

Crew members will be called in to safeguard tracks, communications systems, signals, and power early Tuesday morning to ensure smooth service for the morning rush. Drainage crews and track department personnel will maintain drainage structures on a continual basis. Should trees be blown across tracks, the railroad is prepared to respond quickly to clear debris and restore tracks.