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MTA Long Island Rail Road Announces Upgraded New Hyde Park Station as Part of Third Track Project

Long Island Rail Road
Updated June 15, 2022 5:30 p.m.

Three Railroad Crossings Eliminated Near the Station 

Station Features Expanded Platforms for 12-Car Trains, Digital Signage, Accessibility Improvements and Other Amenities 

Murals by Native New Yorker Sandy Litchfield Commissioned by MTA Arts & Design 

Third Track Project Continues On Time and On Budget 

See Photos of the Renovated New Hyde Park Station 

View Video of News Conference 

The MTA Long Island Rail Road today announced the opening of the newly renovated New Hyde Park station, another step towards the completion of the $2.5 billion Third Track Project. 

Three ramps and a pedestrian overpass were constructed at New Hyde Park Road, two ramps to each platform at the South 12th Street underpass and seven new ADA parking spaces. Additionally, crews built an accessible pedestrian overpass over New Hyde Park Road to connect the station with commuters from Garden City. Making the entire Long Island Rail Road system accessible to all in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is a priority and the new station doubles the number of ramps from two to four, creates two access points between platforms and two sidewalks. 

“The LIRR Third Track Project is a premier example of the MTA’s new approach to delivering capital projects, with enhanced oversight and simplified design-build contracting that results in crews completing projects on time and, in this case, under budget,” said MTA Chair and CEO Janno Lieber. “The Third Track project team worked closely with the community and was able to upgrade the station, eliminate three dangerous, and delay-causing adjacent railroad crossings, and create public space for everyone to enjoy.” 

“For the New Hyde Park community and our riders, this is a major milestone, with larger and more comfortable platforms, improved security, and a more seamless integration with the surrounding community adding up to a massively upgraded station,” said MTA Construction & Development President Jamie Torres-Springer. “For Long Island as a whole, it’s the latest step toward the tremendous service enhancements that Third Track will enable, supporting mobility and vitality throughout the region.” 

“One of the main ideas of the Third Track project was to create a better customer experience for LIRR riders and this new station is another part of it,” said Catherine Rinaldi, Interim President of MTA Long Island Rail Road and President of MTA Metro-North Railroad. “Riders will be greeted by larger platforms, comfortable shelters and more room to move. It will be the perfect greeting to everyone who passes through it daily on their way to work, school and all of their other activities. All of this translates into a better customer experience for all.”   

“The MTA continues to make progress ensuring accessibility for all customers and the renovated New Hyde Park station is another example of that,” said Quemuel Arroyo, MTA Chief Accessibility Officer. “New and returning customers will find a more accessible and inclusive station."  

“We would like to thank the Governor for her commitment and leadership in making today a reality,” said Village of New Hyde Park Christopher Devane. “It was a massive undertaking and required the collaboration of many agencies and the incredible patience and understanding of our residents. We are very thankful that this phase is completed and look forward to using this new station house.  

“Today marks another step towards inclusivity on Long Island. The MTA/LIRR Expansion project has allowed decades old train stations to be updated and brought into ADA compliance,” said Accessibility Advocate Nadia Holubnyczyj. “The station enhancements benefit everyone, from those with permanent or temporary disabilities to the elderly to families with young children to anybody just having a bad day,” 

Additional station improvements developed through input and support received from the local community—include: 

  • A new ADA accessible pedestrian underpass at S. 12th Street 

  • Platform replacement and expansion to accommodate 12-car trains 

  • New platform canopies; new platform furnishings and accoutrements including benches, shelters and signage 

  • CCTV security cameras to improve safety 

  • Wi-Fi; USB charging stations 

  • Digital information displays  

In addition to the upgrading and renewal of station elements, three railroad crossings near the station were eliminated, at New Hyde Park Road, South 12th Street and Covert Avenue. Before the elimination of these grade crossings, gates were in the down position 32 to 42 percent of the time during AM and PM peak periods, respectively, leading to traffic jams and adverse effects on the environment from idling vehicles. These are three of the eight that have been eliminated overall as part of the Third Track Project, and the need to eliminate these grade crossings was further illustrated by six fatal collisions at grade crossing locations in the LIRR Main Line corridor between 2007 to 2017. 

Approximately $247 million was spent to upgrade the station and the surrounding area. The renovated station building features new bike racks and a plaza with green space at Third Avenue east of Baer Place.  

Native New Yorker Sandy Litchfield was commissioned by MTA Arts & Design and LIRR to create artwork in laminated glass for three of the station’s new platform shelters. ‘Forestation Syncopation’ unveils the ways natural and built environments interact, as seen from the train journey passing through New Hyde Park and the surrounding area.   

“Sandy Litchfield’s delightful jewel-like glass artwork captures the rhythm of riding the train to and from Long Island, watching the urban landscape give way to nature,” said MTA Arts & Design Director Sandra Bloodworth. “The three compositions are visually mesmerizing and daily patterns of daylight will provide an ever-changing experience on the daily commute.” 

See ‘Forestation Syncopation’ here 

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