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Construction & Development

In the five boroughs and beyond, the MTA invests in the systems needed to make it easier and faster to travel in the region. Construction & Development plans, rebuilds, improves, and expands the MTA’s extensive network of subway, bus, commuter rail, bridge, and tunnel infrastructure.

What we do

Construction & Development identifies, prioritizes, develops and builds the capital infrastructure projects needed to renew and enhance the MTA’s extensive assets. Together, these projects constitute the MTA's Capital Program, which aims to:

  • Ensure that MTA's assets continue to perform and provide our customers with the safe, fast and reliable service they depend on
  • Add capacity to meet growing demand or relieve overcrowding
  • Improve access for all users, regardless of age or physical ability
  • Improve the customer experience with better amenities
  • Support local communities & promote economic development by connecting underserved neighborhoods
  • Enhance safety and network resiliency with technology and redundancy in the network

MTA Capital Plans

Once every five years, Construction & Development prepares a comprehensive and strategic Capital Plan, describing the MTA’s investment strategy across all agencies, and providing a financial structure for these investments. All MTA projects that are designed, developed, and delivered in the subsequent period are derived from the Capital Plan.

The 2020-2024 Capital Plan, which went into effect in January 2020, includes $54.8 billion worth of projects. Unfortunately, the devastating impact of COVID on the MTA’s finances put the Capital Program on Pause for much of 2020. The MTA is working hard to get the program back on track in 2021.  

The Capital Program Dashboard tracks progress on the MTA’s five-year Capital Plans. The dashboard is updated quarterly.

20-Year Needs Assessment

Every five years, the MTA takes a long-term look at the region’s transit and transportation needs. The result is the 20-Year Needs Assessment, a comprehensive strategy for the investments we need to make to rebuild and improve the existing system, and to expand and enhance the transit network.

Contracting opportunities

C&D works with a wide range of contractors on our design and construction projects. We’re always looking to expand and deepen our partnerships with vendors, large and small.

Some of our larger projects are listed below. 

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